Bloco dos Arcos - 11 February 2013 - 18:00

Rehearsal and jam

Jaçanã station (from the song Trem das Onze)

We researched and practiced the surdo and cavaquinho part of Adoniran Barbosa's famous song "Trem das Onze"!

Lyrics, tabulature and even a complete guitar-lesson for this song can be found on Cifra Club:

We also defined the repertoire "focus" for the current period:

As a bonus we tried to play A Felicidade de Tom Jobim. ;)


CançãoCançãoAna, Rob
CavaquinhoCavaquinhoAna, Rob
CaxixiCaxixiArnout, Rob
Flauta transversalFlauta transversalRob
Surdo de primeiraSurdo de primeiraAna, Arnout, Rob
TamborimTamborimAna, Rob