Bloco dos Arcos - 26 April 2013 - 18:30

Rehearsal and jam - farewell to our beloved Studio TdB 19!

Recently we were notified that from 30 April we will not be able to rent our studio Tussen de Bogen 19 anymore for rehearsals. The owners are quitting, so it's a real deadline. We're particularly sorry for this as Studio 19 is the place where it all began, where Bloco dos Arcos started out as an independent band in 2006.

Fortunately with some creativity we turn out to have a prospect on alternatives, combining living-room jams like the one of last Saturday with occasional sessions in other rehearsal studios and by making use of the generous offer to have us rehearsing at one of our member's working space.

So, this Friday will probably be the last time ever that we're rehearsing in Studio 19. Let's go with a bang and have a mother of a jam! :)