Bloco dos Arcos - 19 December 2014 - 18:30

Rehearsal and jam

Xaxado rhythm (we play variation 2)

Great jam! We had a visitor who knew some of our favorite Forro's with lyrics by heart! Wow.

We found out that the zabumba rhythm we simulate on surdo and use for Ultimo Pau de Arara is actually a proper Xaxado ("shaSHAdu") rhythm, and that is nice because we were in doubt whether we correctly copied it by ear from the beautiful Gilberto Gil version we like.

And, we played some samba batucada in a mini-arrangement because with five people we suddenly had separate repinique, surdo, tamborim, caixa and chocalho/agogo sections ;)

Our arrangement:

  • intro call
  • groove (8 measures)
  • tamborim entrada (2 times) to short call to break
  • BdA break 6 (with solos for each instrument)
  • repeat series from groove until short end call within groove

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