Bloco dos Arcos - 10 April 2015 - 19:00

Rehearsal and jam

This was a special one, first because we had three guest players over from samba band Braza, and also because another invitee (from Unidos de Amsterdam) joined us later that night!

We played a nice samba batucada and reggae, guided by the arrangements from Braza, and led by Erik, our guest repinique player from Unidos. "Speaking" the same musical language makes it easy to learn while playing as an ad hoc join of three bands :P

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AgogoAgogoEvelyn, Jacob
CaixaCaixaRob, Susanna
ChocalhoChocalhoEvelyn, Susanna
Surdo de primeiraSurdo de primeiraGuest
Surdo de segundaSurdo de segundaGuest
Surdo de terceiraSurdo de terceiraGuest