Bloco dos Arcos - 04 November 2016 - 19:45

Rehearsal and Jam

BdA Reunion Nov 2016

This night turned into a real Bloco dos Arcos reunion: What an awesome surprise it was when suddenly there was a bang at the door and half the old band joined for a nice samba jam!


CaixaCaixaPablo, Rob, Walter
ChocalhoChocalhoGeorgette, Mark
Flauta transversalFlauta transversalRob
RepiniqueRepiniqueArnout, Thijs
Surdo de primeiraSurdo de primeiraMarjolein, Mark, Pablo, Walter
Surdo de segundaSurdo de segundaMarjolein, Pablo, Walter
Surdo de terceiraSurdo de terceiraCorina, Mariƫtte, Thijs
TamborimTamborimAna, Mariƫtte, Walter
TimbaTimbaAna, Georgette, Rob